Why Aspen Trees and Birch Trees Make Beautiful Wall Art

Autumn has arrived! The aromas of pumpkin spice, hot cider and apples being harvested are in the air, and stores are stocking up in preparation for upcoming festivities of the holiday season. Fall is in full swing across the west, carrying with it many wonderful traditions that bring family and friends together each year.


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However, one of the most celebrated annual occurrences during these beautiful autumn months cannot be found on a store shelf or in a bakery......it's right outside your window!

The leaves on many deciduous trees are in peak season, but for good reason, one bark covered subject stands out amongst the rest. Aspen trees and Birch trees offer breathtaking nature photography subjects and are a very popular choice in fine wall art.

Autumnly Pano

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A Subject of Myth and Science

Trees have deep roots in mythology and traditional folklore. In ancient Greece, some trees were thought to be inhabited by spirits and nymphs. It’s not surprising that trees were often sacred to the natives and protected on spiritual grounds.

Tales of Ancient Egypt often pair the fate of human souls with those of trees. Thus, trees have been revered for nearly as long as people have recorded stories.

Aspen Stand

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Today, we still understand that much of the beauty of the world, and the fact that we can inhabit earth, is owed to trees. One tree alone can provide a full day’s worth of oxygen for four humans, while consuming over 48 pounds of carbon dioxide each year, making each a necessary part of the ecological chain.

To this day, forests make up about 30% of all land surface across the globe, granting majestic beauty to onlookers and fine art nature photographers the world over.

Dreams Adrift

Aspens are particularly special due to the fact that they often grow in clumps. Because of their close proximity and relative trunk thinness, aspen "stands" or "groves" function as a singular organism interconnected by an extensive root system.

When searching for art featuring aspen trees, gallery goers are often drawn to photographs and paintings that contain numerous aspen or birch trees.


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The Perfect Model All Year Round

Fine wall art featuring these sylvan beauties, comes in as many unique forms as the trees themselves, and will often showcase an individual tree drawing the viewer's eye into its extensive branches and vast array of colors.

Large aspen tree prints and other aspen tree wall art allow the viewer's eye to linger upon and admire endless details in the bark and patterns on the leaves. It is not uncommon for the viewer to spend hours marveling at the overlapping dots and lines on the stumps which contrast splendidly with splashes of color added by the shimmering leaves. The foliage itself offers a vast array of colored leaves ranging from sunshiny yellow to bright shimmering cherry red.

Autumn Brushed Pano

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Vast groves make the aspen an especially popular fine wall art subject. The finest aspen tree images draw, and keep the viewer's eye in the center of the grove, marveling at what appears to be an endless forest of aspens.

Repetitive patterns of trees stretching back as far as the eye can see, paired with unique scrapes and scars on the bark create fine art pieces worthy of a large scale print that covers your living room wall! With an aspen tree fine art print large enough to dominate a living space, you can bask in the peace and harmony of an aspen grove every day.

Aspen White

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Aspen groves add layers of detail that invite the viewer's eye to investigate and wander the depths of the grove. Intricate paths thread through the forest, making the viewer feel as though if they were to reach out and touch this fine art piece, they could actually feel the firmness of the grove. This illusion pays homage to the strength and durability of the trees themselves.

Aspen Dance 2

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Aspen tree art for sale may not be hard to come by, but some images have more depth and dimension than others. For a look at some uniquely beautiful aspen tree art, explore the Wonder of Trees by Ryan Smith Fine Art.


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Autumnly Roma Framed
White aspen tress and yellow leaves dusted with snow within a perfect aspen grove.

Rare Gold

An incredibly rare occurrence of early snow clinging onto Aspens during Peak Fall Colors in a beautiful and picture perfect aspen grove.

This image is also available in a standard 2:3 format and 1:3 panoramic format.