5 Reasons Why Big Art Prints Are Better When it Comes to Hanging Large Photography Prints for Homes

Wall Décor and Fine Art is a key visual feature of any room, and therefore needs to make a statement, create an impact, and most importantly, tell a story. When adorning your home with luxury fine wall art or fine art nature photography, bigger is better....so "go big..... especially at home!" Interior Designers agree, Big Wall Art wins. We all enjoy watching our Big Screen TV's, well then it should be easy to understand why Big Prints catch our attention.

Why "Go Big?" Here are 5 good reasons..

Large Art - Large Impact

The larger the wall art, the larger the impact on the viewer. Fine wall art will be the main focal point of any space, so it should command attention, influence the room, and draw the viewer's eye in making them feel as though they are a part of the scene rather than just an onlooker. Although smaller fine art pieces can be aesthetically pleasing, large wall art creates a "Wow Factor," that demands the viewer's attention, and conveys a message. A Large High Definition Acrylic, Photography Print, Great Big Canvas, or High End Metal Print will always carry a greater impact in a space than several small prints. Like a good book, fine wall art should pull the viewer in, tell a story, and hold their attention, making it impossible to look away, or "put the book down."

Influence a "Mood"

Fine wall art will influence the mood of a room, giving a feel to the space, therefore the larger the piece, the larger the impact on the viewer's mood and overall state of mind. Statement sized wall art makes the viewer feel as though they are a part of the scene, hence creating a sense of peace, tranquility or excitement depending on the subject of the art. Oversized wall art will pull a space together, set a mood and give a theme to your room.

Clarity Pano
Clarity Pano

Create a Focal Point

Fine wall art will be the focal point of any room, so size does matter.....A Lot! While smaller pieces of art will enhance a room's visual appeal, they often feel like an afterthought. Larger images draw more attention, influence mood, and therefore have a stronger impact on the viewer.. The subjects of large wall art are oftentimes simple, but have a huge impact on the viewer, making them the main focal point in a room. We all enjoy the scenes of Big Mountains or Big Waves, well then Big Prints of Mountains or Big Fine Art Prints of Waves makes sense!

Set of backlit waves breaking along the North Shore of Kauai Hawaii
Nalu Pano

Simple, Yet Elegant

There is beauty in simplicity, and big wall art adds simple elegance to any room without creating a sense of clutter and chaos that can occur when walls are overloaded with numerous smaller pieces. More often than not, less is more when it come to fine wall art, and larger pieces fill a larger area creating the simple, elegant feel that makes a room inviting. The simplicity of large format wall art allows the viewer to focus on the message and story in the art without the distraction of too much content.

Aspen White Roma Framed
Wild Embers Roma Framed

Fill Those Walls!!

Oversize wall art takes up a considerable amount of space and can be a very budget friendly means for beautifying the walls of your home. Large wall art maximizes impact on the viewer's eye and mood, making it the centerpiece and main focal point of a room.

Dreams Adrift Roma Framed
Dreams Adrift Roma Framed

Bigger is Better!

Mystery solved.....when selecting fine wall art for your home, bigger is better! Wall art previews are invaluable when purchasing large format art and multiple pieces. Wall art mock-ups provide a realistic idea of how each image will look on a specific wall, and in the chosen room or space. Contact Ryan Smith for your free art consultation and digital mock-up!

Aspen Stand
Aspen Stand Vertical