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Capturing wildlife in their natural habitat can be one of the more difficult specialties in photography, but when done successfully, it can capture some of the most raw natural beauty in any picture. Ryan Smith is a seasoned wildlife photographer whose work has been renowned by people across the United States and even the world. Ryan’s passion for wildlife and photography can be seen on full display in one of his upcoming wildlife photography workshops.

Discover the secrets of capturing majestic wildlife in their natural environment from one of the industry’s best. Ryan hosts workshops across the American West and across the world in locations abundant with wildlife such as bison, elk, mountain goats, grizzly bears, bald eagles, and more. Discover new techniques for capturing beautiful wildlife in their natural environment and refine your skills to get the perfect shot upon your next encounter. Learn directly from Ryan in one of his upcoming events!

In a previous career, Ryan was a corporate trainer, meaning he has the skillsets that allow him to lead a class with professionalism while guiding his attendees towards their own unique goals. Ryan helps those inside his workshops with technical aspects of photography to help capture animals in motion with perfection as well as setting up the perfect shot from any distance by using the right lens and finding the ideal camera settings. Ryan’s wildlife workshops is built for every skill level, and he works one on one to discover what each attendee is looking to gain from the lesson.

Ryan brings a unique approach to each wildlife shoot that helps capture the raw beauty of nature. Wildlife photography is one of the more difficult skill sets in photography due to the unpredictable nature of the animals you are shooting. Each lesson helps those looking to improve their wildfire photography skills learn new techniques and find ways to safely approach wildlife without disturbing them in their natural environments to help capture genuine moments in nature. After a workshop with Ryan, you will be well-equipped to capture beautiful images of wildlife in any environment.

Join Ryan on one of his upcoming wildlife photography courses and discover new ways to photograph the world's top wildlife with the help of a world-class professional photographer. Ryan is fueled by a lifelong passion and love for the outdoors and loves to share his expertise with like-minded, enthusiastic photographers of all levels.

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