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Peter Lik Style Fine Art Prints

Continually encouraging and inspiring artists to improve their skills is one of my main goals, and Peter Lik's work is an inspiration to all. Affectionately known as the self-taught pioneer of Nature Photography Peter Lik is famous for images of towering mountain peaks, cascading waterfalls, and pristine desert landscapes. Born in Melbourne, Australia in 1959, Peter received a Camera for his eighth birthday, which he used to his very first photo; a spider web in the family garden.

Backlit Style Fine Art Prints
Is It Backlit?

HD acrylic prints have a three dimensional or "backlit" appearance resulting from special printing and mounting techniques and when paired with controlled lighting the effect can become even more dramatic...

Wyland Art Galleries And Prints For Sale

Robert Wyland has inspired a generation of artists with his stunning creations and tributes to our oceans and sea life. From humble beginnings, studying at the Detroit Center for Creative Studies in Madison Heights, Michigan, Wyland nurtured a love for the ocean and creates breathtaking marine life art that has inspired millions...