ICONS of the TETONS Photography Workshop

Icons of the Tetons

Icons of the Tetons Photography Workshop

June 8-12, 2023
Date & Time: Thur, June 8 - 3PM - Fri, June 12 - 9AM

$2699 Per Person

50% Deposit at Time of Booking

Icons of the Tetons

Join Ryan Smith to photograph some of the most breathtaking scenes in West with the majestic Grand Tetons as your backdrop on our Icons of the Tetons Photography Workshop!!

A dynamic landscape carpeted in wildflowers and abundant wildlife on the move, makes Spring an incredibly special time in the Tetons!!

Ryan Smith has an intimate knowledge of this magnificent area, and enjoys sharing his secrets for capturing the beauty of the dynamic landscape, as well as how to spot and photograph the wide variety of wildlife that call the Tetons home.

The itinerary is optimized for the best sunrise & sunset opportunities as well as the possibility of shooting wildlife along the way. If skies cooperate, we will be out shooting Milky Way as well!

You will not only photograph the icons of this beautiful area, but also the lesser known locations that Ryan has discovered during his many years of shooting in the area. The variety of locations and content in this workshop is unmatched!!

Icons of the Tetons

Itinerary & Logistics

Day 1 - Meet & Greet: Meet at 3PM on June 8th for a short orientations session, where we will get to know each other, review the workshop schedule and discuss NPS regulations and safety. After dinner, we will head out for our first sunset shoot!

A flexible daily agenda will allow for optimal conditions, and we will incorporate as many iconic locations as possible. Ryan's trained eye & keen sense of animal behavior will help us find the best wildlife sightings & photographic opportunities. If skies cooperate, we will have the option of Milky Way photography.

We recommend that you fly directly into Jackson (JAC) Wyoming, but Idaho Falls (IDA), Bozeman/Yellowstone (BZN), Billings/Logan (BIL), Salt Lake City (SLC), or Helena (HLN) could also be options. We may be able to assist with airport transfers from the Jackson Airport only, please Contact Us.

    What's Included

    • All transportation is provided during the workshop. There is also the option to drive your own vehicle if preferred.
    • A great time, good memories, and a lot of laughs!

    What's Not Included

    • Lodging
    • Meals, snacks and beverages
    • Transportation to and from Jackson
    Icons of the Tetons

    In-Field Instruction

    • Camera setting considerations for varying conditions, locations and desired effects
    • Techniques on creating powerful & dynamic compositions
    • Step by step instruction on shooting & stitching panoramic images
    • Strategies on gaining full detail in high dynamic range scenes
    • Bracketing concepts for adding a variety of looks & blending opportunities
    • Camera settings for maximizing depth of field & nailing focus within an image
    • Mastering shutter speeds for gaining the desired look & feel of water
    • Creating compelling compositions and storytelling through images
    • Controlling your camera in manual mode
    • Understanding and using the Histogram
    • Composition techniques
    • Finding foregrounds
    • Filters - when and how to use them. Avoiding their pitfalls
    • How lens selection affects the scene
    • Technical Tricks: Bracketing, Focus Stacking, Perspective Blending
    • Understanding and using light.
    • Capturing difficult scenes

    Post-Processing Instruction

    • Lightroom and Photoshop Techniques
    • Importing and organizing
    • Using the clone tool, warping, stretching and eliminating distractions
    • Blending images in Photoshop
    • Dodging and burning
    • Using layers and masks
    • Image critique
    Icons of the Tetons

    Recommended Camera Gear

    • DSLR or mirrorless camera (full-frame preferable)
    • Lenses ranging from wide angle (16-35), mid-range (24-105) & a long telephoto (200-600) is is preferable for wildlife, but a (100-400) will work, and also be useful for landscapes
    • Memory cards
    • Sturdy tripod & ballhead (strong winds are a possibility)
    • Remote shutter release
    • Circular polarizer and ND filters
    • Lens cloths
    • Extra batteries, and memory cards
    • Rocket blower
    • Cleaning supplies
    • Laptop with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop
    • Protection for your camera gear & backpack

      Recommended Personal Gear/Clothing

      • Quick dry, lightweight long pants, shorts and shirts
      • Warm/water resistant hiking boots/shoes
      • Warm jacket
      • Fleece underlayers
      • Water resistant, warm hiking boots or shoes
      • Headlamp
      • Refillable water bottle
      • Hat, gloves, hand warmers
      • Sunglasses
      • Rain coat and/or wind shell
      • Insect repellent
      • Sunblock
      • Umbrella

      Ryan Smith

      Ryan Smith

      Ryan Smith developed a love and passion for the outdoors early on in life, which fueled an obsession for landscape photography. Growing up in the beautifully diverse state of Utah, Ryan has consistently traveled through the west and beyond capturing iconic views, which spark emotion and tell a story. Ryan's artistic style is unique and unmistakable which has led to prestigious awards and work featured within publications. His work is also found within various high-end galleries throughout the west including Jackson Hole Wyoming.

      Combining his professional experience as a corporate trainer with his passion for photography, Ryan has a knack for sharing the technical aspects of photography in an easy to understand way through various workshops, tours, and events through the west and the Hawaiian Islands. He enjoys adapting to the various needs of his attendees whether it's in the field learning the technical side and composition techniques, or if its in the classroom focusing on perfecting post editing techniques and helping achieve a print ready image.